When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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EM1 II was ...

cameralight wrote:

Sergey Borachev wrote:

It's important to know ones place and do what sustainable and achievable to survive. Olympus seemed to be trying the upmarket strategy with the $2000 E-M1 II back in 2016, not realising that both its place as a camera maker and consumer confidence in it have eroded a lot over the years.

While I tend to agree that Olympus focused too much on the high end, what this narrative seems to be missing is the fact that the profits from the EM1-II helped Olympus generate its first annual profit in a number of years, and quite possibly kept Olympus going for longer than they otherwise would have.

EM1 II was a sensible product with an unreasonable price when introduced.  It was a perfectly fine top of the line camera when priced realistically. The failure was spending resources making the EM1x (an answer to a question nobody asked). The EM1 III should have been a real improvement instead of a slight warm over.  The EM10 IV is what the EM10 III should have been.  Oly's menu system needed a severe remake.  Lots of better way's to use their resources.

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