A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

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Re: A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

The fact is there’s already a Finepix forum specifically for Fujifilm “compact digital cameras”. While it’s true that the Finepix branding was dropped from the X100 series from the S model onwards, the X100V is still a Fujifilm compact digital camera (one of very few non-ILC cameras they still make) - so there already is a separate forum that is practically dedicated to the X100 line, and which was originally used as just that.

So the question is - why is that forum basically tumbleweed? Why has all the X100 discussion migrated here?

I think the answer’s pretty simple. The X100 cameras actually share a huge amount with the other X system bodies - same sensors, same controls, same menus, same film simulations etc etc. Once you look past the few threads which are specifically about particular lenses, there’s barely a single post about any of the other bodies that can’t be applied to an X100 body too in some form - and the reverse is also true. Add that to the fact that many X100 owners also own ILC bodies, and it just makes perfect sense that this one forum caters for the whole X system all together.

To be honest, if you really campaigned and drew DPR’s attention to this corner of their discussion boards, I think the question in their minds would be less about whether the X100 deserves a separate forum, and more about whether that existing Finepix forum is still needed.

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