Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

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Re: Minolta SR 20mm vs AF 20mm w LA EA4

The MD 24mm F2.8 goes for twice or more than the AF version. It is that way with a few lenses. Some MDs are completely ignored like the 35-105 and 70-210.

I tried three copies of the AF 20mm. They varied in quality. The best didn't compare well with the mirrorless Samyang 18mm or Tamron 20mm. Some of that may be because it was designed for film and not digital. But Sony is still selling this lens. Even the original gets Lens Compensation support in A7/A9 bodies.

The Tamron 20mm F2.8 OSD is available new for about the same price as these old lenses used.

Minolta also had three 21mm primes. The older two were non retrofocal primes with elements sticking into the mirror box. Those are probably even worse with Sony's thick glass stack, but they are very compact.

I like the Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX for indoor usage.

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