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Nickay wrote:


I just bought the M50 and I like it lot! I only got the kit lens with it.

However, I have this deal to buy the EF-M 55-200m lens for $200. Do you think it's worth it? At first, I wasn't even going to buy any further EF-M lenses because the system seems so up in the air - depending who you ask. I was thinking I would probably just invest in a pancake lens and then EF lenses here on out.

What are you thoughts? I'm new to photography so I don't know how useful the 55-200m lens would be? But I am also feeling a little bit of FOMO because what if I find myself in a situation where that is a really useful lens? Like - maybe post quarantine while I'm traveling?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. You will find lots of good advice (along with a wide variety or opinions) here, but I consider it a valuable resource.

I recently purchased an M6ii as my introduction to mirrorless cameras. I already have several full frame bodies and some really nice L series lenses. My thought was to try out the M6 using my existing lenses with an adapter as an inexpensive way to dip my toe into the water. Once I received my M6ii kit, I was amazed how small and light the camera was, and how many features were packed into that small package. So contrary to my original intentions, I started purchasing other EF-M lenses to complement the camera. Along with the included 15-45 (which is not too bad), I now have the 11-22 zoom, a 22mm pancake, and a 55-200 zoom that I purchased refurbished from Canon. I am impressed with the image quality on each of these lenses and I am very happy to have them. Instead of having a camera to test the mirrorless waters, I now have a full system that I am keeping as a travel kit or something when I want to travel light locally.

To answer your question about the 55-200. I am very happy with my copy. It is small, light and fits the ergonomics of the camera very well. The image quality is very good and it serves my intended needs very well. For the price of the lens you are considering, I do not think you would lose very much if you decided it did not work for you and resold it.

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