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Re: Disqualified Challenge Entry

Bill Thoo wrote:

...An apology to the host would be appropriate, though.

You and others have totally missed the reason for this thread!

If vinnieb50 was given the correct response and a simple explanation when he was originally disqualified he would never have started it!

Anybody that enters a challenge can easily miss a rule and many at some time or the other have done that. What should not happen is the host gives an unhelpful and dismissive response. If this had been the first time then that might be understandable but how many threads have been started because of this hosts frankly sub standard administration of his challenges. One can but imagine how bad the problem really is as most people subject to his poor behaviour will not start a thread here.

The whole reason for this thread being started in the first place is just the abject response and woefully inadequate reply from By Standing On The Shoulder of Giants after he DQ an entry.

Even @cjf2 has stated that By Standing On The Shoulder of Giants should have responded differently even though he initially defended him. Though yet there is no admission from BSOTSOG or acknowledgement that he is even in part at fault.

Before retiring I spent my career in HR and BSOTSOG comes across as someone we would refer to as a 'bad egg'. My reason for saying that is a while back after I initially defended BSOTSOG by saying:

"...That being said, on the other side he does consistently put them out, when it can't be the easiest thing to continually do. Many previous challenge hosts (like RuthC) unfortunately have not been able to continue and some of his are quite enjoyable.

I would do as others have said and just ignore the lack of politeness and either enter or not but at least you now know what to expect."

I then had a look through some of his posts and noticed an unsavory theme. Here he is calling our resident sleuth and defender of Challenges, Tasad, a liar...

The fact that he has come in here stating my post should be deleted because it is 'false' when everything I stated can quite easily be proven to be fact just speaks volumes. After I posted in the 'DPR is censoring my challenges' thread someone sent me a PM and detailed a rather disturbing encounter with BSOTSOG. I will not post it here, though I would not be surprised if there were quite a few more people here with a similar experience.

So this is not a case of 'cyberbullying' but more a case of 'calling someone out' for repeated poor behaviour and responses. In the same way you would not say that Harvey Weistein was being bullied because people reported their experience with him or defend him because he produced nearly 200 movies, some of them excellent.

While I applaud the inclination to defend hosts due to their seeming difficulty to find and maintain. I suspect this particular host is one that this forum would be on the whole better off without. The fact that DPR are now censoring his challenges would seem to tie in with that.

In closing, have a read of this thread here from RuthC after BSOTSOG last tried to 'retire' and wipe his slate before rejoining. See how fair she was to him in spite of the vitriol he would later give to her. Note the comments and how little has changed in that time.


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