Canon 5D2 (unmodified) and infrared?

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Sittatunga Senior Member • Posts: 2,724
Re: Canon 5D2 (unmodified) and infrared?

sensiblename99 wrote:

I'm looking to try an IR filter on an unmodified Canon 5D2 and was hoping to hear anyone's experience or suggestions.

I don't want to modify the camera and wonder how well IR filters like the Cokin 007 Infrared 720-89B or Hoya 720nm would work.

It seems everyone modifies their bodies so am I wasting time and money just trying an IR filter alone?

The cover glass of the sensor does a pretty good job of blocking IR and UV light.  See for a good description of what's involved with camera modification.  I suspect you will be in for extremely long exposures without modifying your camera.

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