Almost bought a Fujifilm X-T4...

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Re: thinking of going back to aps-c from ff

Harry Lang wrote:

I'm kinda in the opposite situation. I have an a7iii. Before that, I shot with a Fuji x-t20 and I'm seriously thinking of selling my a7iii and lenses to get an x-t4 (I still have the x-t20 and lenses).


Because the Fuji, to me, IS more fun to use. And therefore, more inspiring for me to be creative. The controls are better. The menu is better. I've had the sony for 1 1/2 years and yes the IQ is fantastic. But operating the camera is frustrating. I still hunt for menu options!

So I don't know...It's on my mind. And the styling of the Fuji is important to me too, it's a minor point, but I'm a visual guy (as all photographer's are) so visuals matter to me along with handling, operating, and picture quality which the Fuji is also fantastic at.

I think I am starting to get the point about a camera being fun to use. I obsess over making the right buying choice but if I am completely honest I wouldn't be surprised if whatever I buy ends up getting next to no use, at least on a hobby level. If something seems like a hassle then I tend to avoid doing it. Yeah, it's a personality flaw/trait.


I wish I had a friend with an a7iii so I could have a little bit of a play. Guess I might need to be sensible and wait until lockdown is over and go into a shop...

A lack of patience is another of my, ahem, characteristics!

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