Huawei Mate 20 Pro - High resolution mode

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Re: Huawei Mate 20 Pro - High resolution mode

Boss of Sony wrote:

Droo wrote:

The Davinator wrote:

Boss of Sony wrote:

Oh, i see what happened. Snapseed can only export at a maximum of 20mp. And DPreview also has a 20MP limit on uploads.

Still...I got the idea though. This looks like with a bit of work, a decent sized print could be made.

Absolutely. This is from a P30 Pro. I think it uses the same sensor and a slightly brighter lens with OIS. Vignette and discoloration in the corners can get fixed. Output is something like this:

Unfortunately, you have to ditch Lightroom for this and are stuck with developing on a PC.

Interesting, I didn’t know the P30 Pro had a faster lens on the main camera. Why are the left and right edges of this image soft? It that a result of your processing? It can’t be a result of shallow depth of field, because in that case the pavement in the foreground should be out of focus too.

Tte P30 Pro has very bad corner sharpness. Nothing you can do about it. It is not as obvious in this photo because the focus is on the building, which is off center as well.

Actually, it appears the P30 uses a different sensor from the Mate 20, since it also comes with the RYYB color filter array. But size and resolution are the same, so it might be derived from the P20/Mate 20 one. The photos of the Mate 20 surely remind me of the P30. And the RYYB thing only tends to cause trouble in RAW.

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