OM-D Pet peeve: switching shooting modes

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Re: OM-D Pet peeve: switching shooting modes

This is possible with some OMD cameras (but not others). 
I have my E-M5 and E-M5 II set up just as you described, with

  • MySet1 = S-AF, single point, single-frame, mode P (could be A or S or M), etc
  • MySet2 = C-AF, 3x3 grid, sequential L, mode S (1/1000 sec, adjustable), etc

Plus I have a button (e.g. L-Fn, and/or DOF preview on the Mk II) assigned to MySet2.

When shooting, I start with MySet1 (e.g. for perched bird), then press the 'MySet2' button when I want to capture BIF.  And pressing the assigned button again switches back to MySet1.  It's brilliant!

I expect this approach is possible with other models that support MySets (e.g. E-M10 & E-M10 II) ... but, unfortunately, not with the more current models such as E-M5 III, E-M10 III & IV.  The E-M1 III, where the custom modes (C1-C4) can be assigned to buttons would also support this technique, I expect.

Depending on which OMD you have or are planning to get, I hope that's helpful ... and doesn't just add to your frustration!

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