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mstMuc wrote:

Andy01 wrote:

IMO 200mm is not really long enough to be a useful telephoto, but it is obviously better than 45mm.

that‘s nonsense. 200mm on a M camera is comparable to 300mm on Fullframe so this lens provides a little bit more range of the best selled 70-200 telephoto lenses for Full Frame.

Um, not really nonsense at all. A 70-200mm zoom on FF (or even APS-C) is often used as a general purpose lens with a "bit" of reach, often for things like portraits or indoor events (especially the f2.8 versions). A very common use is weddings.

As I said, it depends entirely on what the OP wants to do with it. If he is thinking that it may allow typical telephoto shots like wildlife, birds or open field sports, then there is likely to be some disappointment. For these tasks the 300mm (or 320mm if you shoot Canon, not Nikon or Sony) FF equivalent FoV is pretty inadequate too.

I moved to FF a couple of years ago, and even 400mm (EF 100-400L ii) is somewhat inadequate - especially after the same lens on APS-C (70D) gave me an effective 640mm FoV.

I stand by my comment - the 55-200mm is a useful focal length lens but not really a proper telephoto zoom. There have been many threads over the years in the M forum asking about 55-200mm vs 18-150mm, and often the 18-150mm is preferred because it is closer to a one lens solution, and the extra 50mm provided by the 55-200mm is not a lot.

If you want more focal length you have to pay a lot of more money and can’t expect the lens to be compact.

That seems fairly obvious, although I think that there is a 3rd party EF-M mount 100-400mm that are a lot smaller, lighter and cheaper than the Canon L series, and the 55-250mm and EF 70-300mm are neither terribly costly or huge.

Usually you don’t want a tiny camera when carrying a heavy and big telephoto lens ...

I agree with you 100%, but plenty of people in the M forum use their M bodies (smaller bodies than M50) with large lenses like 100-400L ii, even with teleconvertors fitted. This is especially true since the M6 ii seems to be quite capable at even tracking birds, so people are using it as a BIF camera (with an appropriate BIF lens attached).


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