X-T40 with IBIS?

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Lightweight body with IBIS

DarnGoodPhotos wrote:

Kyle Logan wrote:

What do you think the likelihood is that Fuji will release an X-T40 with IBIS? I love the form factor of my X-T10 and can’t imagine shooting anything larger. And I could care less about a bigger grip. I’d upgrade for IBIS though. Just curious what your thoughts are.

Every camera (Fuji, Sony, etc) that gets IBIS increases in size, even if it's the thickness, and gets heavier so we can expect that X-T4 to be a little thicker and a little heavier, not to mention more expensive, to accommodate it. Personally I think the X-S10 is the X-T40; I think they had to move the battery to the grip because IBIS occupied the space the battery would normally be in the body.

Camera can reduce weight if use carbon fibres as body material.


The DJI Ronin S2 Gimbal features carbon fibre construction, allowing it to manage huge 4.5KG payloads, despite its own relative lightweight of just 1.3​KG.

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