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Nickay wrote:


I just bought the M50 and I like it lot! I only got the kit lens with it.

However, I have this deal to buy the EF-M 55-200m lens for $200. Do you think it's worth it? At first, I wasn't even going to buy any further EF-M lenses because the system seems so up in the air - depending who you ask. I was thinking I would probably just invest in a pancake lens and then EF lenses here on out.

What are you thoughts? I'm new to photography so I don't know how useful the 55-200m lens would be? But I am also feeling a little bit of FOMO because what if I find myself in a situation where that is a really useful lens? Like - maybe post quarantine while I'm traveling?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum.

This would probably be better in the M forum as this lens forum seems to be mostly about EF and EF-S lenses with a bit of traffic around EF-M and now RF.

I would suggest the first ting to do is to thoroughly test your EF-M 15-45mm because it is almost certainly the worst and most (copy to copy) variable lens currently made by Canon. The chances of getting a poor one is pretty good. Many are decentred or just plain soft.

Based on the result of the tests above, you can then consider whether you are going to keep it or dump it and get something else. Generally both the 18-55mm (now discontinued) and the 18-150mm are better lenses in this focal length range.

It also depends on what you shoot. If you are specifically looking for a native EF-M Canon mount lens with some reach, then your choices are really the 18-150mm or the 55-200mm, with the former obviously having a more versatile range. If you are just looking for one or more lenses to cover a wider range than 15-150mm, perhaps consider the 18-150mm as a single lens (for now) solution ?

Another option might be an adapted EF-S 55-250mm, but obviously bigger.

IMO 200mm is not really long enough to be a useful telephoto, but it is obviously better than 45mm.

The 11-22mm is probably the best EF-M zoom available if you want something wider. The advantage of 11-22mm + 18-150mm is that they are the only EF-M lenses to share a 55mm filter thread, so good if you want CPL or ND filters.

A good cheap and compact fast prime is the 22mm. It is so small and cheap (and produces good images) that most M users end up with one.

My M5 system is really my backup and compact carry system since I generally use my FF 6D ii and L series lenses, but I have 11-22mm (with hood), 18-150mm (with hood) & 22mm with a 270 EX ii flash, CPL filter, ND filter, Manfrotto compact tripod and obviously spare batteries, LensPen etc. That all fits nicely in a Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 25i bag that is about the same size as my 6d ii with EF 24-105L ii fitted. I have found that this M kit can cover most things except wildlife, sports, birds etc, but it wasn't bought for that.

Hope this helps a bit.


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