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Re: Eye autofocus

Yes the face / eye AF is a bit behind the best Sony/Canon unfortunately. If you're used to that sticky AF it can be frustrating trying to use the Fuji in the same way. It's annoying when someone moves their head a bit or looks away & the face detection loses it...

I really hope Fuji can improve in this area as other than this XT4 is the perfect camera for me.

In the meantime I'm learning to adapt...sometimes it's just easier to turn eye af off. You might wanna try the wide / tracking too, it seems to work well enough.

Fuji's Eye-AF seems to see dead people too quite often (seeing faces where there isn't one). For portraits I usually find it quite usable though. The screen overlay also seems to lag a bit & jumpy / nervous while the actual pic might be in focus.

Hope they can improve on it via firmware but not holding my breath. Maybe with the next sensor / processor they may have a breakthrough...XH2?

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