90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

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Re: 90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

David1961 wrote:

For me, your shutter speeds are too slow.

I have the older Tamron G1 150-600mm on my 90D and at 600mm I use at least 1/1600s or faster for stationary subjects.

I don't worry about ISO at all. In manual mode I set the aperture I need to give the DOF I want, usually ~f/7-8 and 1/1600s or a faster. I set ISO to Auto and let the camera set ISO where it wants.

With the high pixel count sensor on the 90D it doesn't take much camera movement while hand holding to introduce camera shake.

I don't mind if my ISO goes up to 1600 in some situations, but I try to keep it below 800 if possible. I generally stay above 1/640 for stationary objects, and above 1/1600 for birds in flight. On the 80D I find the auto-ISO to be hit or miss, often overexposing for birds out on dark bodies of water. Not sure if this has improved with the 90D though. If I know I'm in a stable daylight condition I'd cap it to ISO 400 . Since I shoot raw I could lift another stop up in post, but for JPEG shooting this is not an option.

My bigger gripe about the G2 is the stabilizer. I only trust it down to 1/250 and I've been told people are able to get tack-sharp images at much lower shutter speeds with the Nikon 200-500 and a lesser extent with the Sigma 150-600. It seems to me the problem is not just motion blur but that the stabilizing lens element is optically sub-par, adding smearing and softness in some situations (I tested this by locking the focus and taking a stationary subject).  Mode 1 lacks panning detection and I often forget to flick the switch to Mode 2/turn it off when a bird starts to fly. Otherwise I'll end up with viewfinder lag and added motion blur. Mode 3 seems to work for a few shots of BIF but after taking many shots it starts to add motion blur as well. Funny enough Tamron introduced panning detection to the G1 via firmware update but since you can't use the Tap-in Console with it you must send it in for service.

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