Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

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Reggie Stration
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Re: Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

dave gaines wrote:

I accidentally saved TIFF half of my files on a trip to Joshua Tree National Park a week ago. They don't open in Camera Raw but they do open in Photoshop where I can do the same adjustments. So I can see how your method of saving TIFF files would work. Thanks.

Are you saying that you saved your image files directly as tiffs from your camera? Though an option, I wouldn’t recommend that as the files are massive and you miss out on the advantages of having an intermediary raw file where you can adjust white balance, exposure, lens distortion corrections, etc before outputting to a tiff.

Capture NXD is a free download from Nikon and does the best raw conversions of your D850 nefs. Once you’ve done all your initial processing of your raw file there, then output to a 16 (14) bit tiff to carry on in Photoshop for more extensive editing if required.

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