9 year old buy help!

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Re: 9 year old buy help!

Neither.  I would get a Fujifilm x100 camera.  Why?

1.  I'm a Fujifilm owner.

2.  It is small and light.  It is quite easy to have it on you in your book bag.

3.  It will teach the child the exposure triangle better I think.  It doesn't have a PASM dial.  You have to put either the aperture, shutter speed or ISO into an automatic mode.

4.  It only has one focal length (35mm  FF FOV) which can be used for a lot of things.  This will get the child to think of how a single focal length behaves.  It simplifies things in that you can't change the focal length.  One has to see with that focal length and work out a composition.  Now, it could be argued that a mid-range zoom gives the child the chance to see how different focal lengths perform.  In that case, I would give the child one of the Fujifilm X-T series cameras with two prime lenses.  Maybe one lens is a 23mm and the other a 50mm giving a FF FOV of 35mm and 75mm.  These would cover a wide range of compositions and could handle portraits well too.

5.  The X100 model of Fujifilm camera is one they can use throughout their photographic journey.  It is pretty much a timeless classic.

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