Planetary resolution with P900/P950/P1000

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Re: rechecked from the sensor side

I also performed a different calculation to recheck my earlier ones coming from the camera sensor side of things....I looked up the largest the full moon can be and it's 34.1 arc min and the EFL that fills the vertical FOV of a 4:3 sensor with the full moon of that angular diameter is 2,560mm. Since my camera has an EFL of 2,000mm it has 1.28x less zoom. Multiply that 1.28x times 34.1 to get the vertical FOV in arc min at 2000mm EFL and we get 43.65 arc min. Multiply that by 60 and we get 2619 arc seconds. The sensor's vertical dimension consists of 3456 pixels. 2619/3456 gives us 0.7578 arc sec per pixel and since the maximum arc sec width of Cassini's Division at closest approach is 0.75 arc sec, this gives us a maximum 1 pixel width for Cassini's Division at 2000mm EFL on the P900/950- I guess I was right!

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