Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

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Re: Oly E-M10 Mk II rear screen remains blank

excitron wrote:

I've been having this problem, intermittently at first, now apparently permanent, in that my E-M10 Mk II blanks out the rear screen of your shooting image and data. Instead, it momentarily displays the Super Control Panel, then blanks out. Doesn't matter what lens either.

When I look in the EVF I can see the image as well as the regular overlays. I can shoot normally through the EVF. I can also shoot blind when pulled away from the EVF. When I pull straight back from the EVF I can see it turn off and only the Super Control Panel turns back on the rear screen, but not the image or the regular overlays.

Then the rear screen blanks out, and you can't access it, or any menu options, until you first look through the EVF to turn it back on, and then pull away and hit the MENU button while the Super Control Panel is still visible to get into your settings.

Has anyone experienced this? I cleaned the EVF sensor window thinking that may have something to do with it, but of course that wasn't remotely the problem. I'm suspecting this camera is toast, but I figure I'd ask around first to see if there is some simple solution to this. Is there some setting in the camera that shuts the rear screen off save for a momentary display of the Super Control Panel? If so I would have no idea how I would have set the camera into such a mode.

I also wondered if a firmware update would help, I have 1.2, and there is a 1.3 available, although now Olympus annoyingly wants you to install some crappy software on your computer to update the firmware, which just further aggravates the entire situation I'm having with this camera.

Anyway, if anyone is familiar with this phenomenon and knows the solution, please let me know.

Thanks for any info on this.

I have a similar, yet different problem with my 10ii... When I turn it on, the screen lights up as usual, but soon switches to the EVF and stays there even if I hold the camera away from me. I can turn on the screen via the Menu button, but as soon as I touch the shutter, it goes back to the EVF. I can also activate the screen by tilting/pulling it out a bit.

So a bit different than yours. Maybe the connection ribbon between the camera and the screen fails, not sure.

I assume you have explored the options in the "J" section of the custom menu, specifically EVF auto switch? When you turn this "off", does anything change? In my case, if I set it to off I can perfectly switch it manually, so definitely "only" a sensor problem (which has been cleaned with various spirits and clothes of course).

Both a complete reset, as well as the firmware update would be worth a try at this point, even though it seems like something is giving way. How old is the camera, shutter count?

You don't HAVE to install the crappy Oly software, as long as you can follow instructions, this may be a better option (also reducing the possibility to brick that thing completely).

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