New Computer Case - Solid or Tempered Glass Side Panel?

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Re: New Computer Case - Solid or Tempered Glass Side Panel?

sshapiro wrote:

I am building a new photo editing system and want to get a new case. My favorite cases are the Fractal Design Meshify C series, which are available in a few different side panel options:

I have never had a case with a glass side panel, and I am not sure if it makes sense to get one now. I assume glass panels might produce distracting light, reflections, or glare that could require specific room placement to mitigate.

Do any of you have experience using cases with glass side panels? Are there specific reasons to go with or stay away from them? I am not interested in showing off the internal components; I just want to set up the computer and use it.

Depends on where you put it. The trendy thing now is to have a an esthetically pleasing (or exciting) case interior with a clear glass side and place the tower on the desk beside the monitor where you have constant view of it. Kind of like a work of art on your desk. Or like a big lava lamp.

I'll never have that much space to spare on my desk.

I have a six-year-old tower with a plexiglass window. It's handy because I can glance into it to remind myself of my system components and their motherboard layout without opening the case when I'm considering making changes. I have just enough lighted components to illuminate the case. But I keep the tower on the floor beside my desk where it's not a distraction.

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