Possibly moving to full-frame mirrorless from m4/3’s

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Re: I wouldn't switch to Nikon now

jaiyenyen wrote:

wb2trf wrote:

People here may get mad, but I wouldn't switch to Nikon now. The company is seriously on the ropes.

The switch you are talking about is a big switch, hoping for a least some years of stability.

The competing cameras are just as good, and picking Nikon now makes no sense. Look at the stock ticker before you decide.

I bought into Nikon Z 5 weeks ago because to me it was the best system for my needs. I made my purchase and own the equipment which I expect will give me a minimum of 10 years of pleasure. Amortised cost over 10 years is peanuts.

Life is to short and there is more important things to worry about than Nikons financial future.

Totally understand your perception/opinion. There are many personal variables that effect ones comfort with future scenarios of camera companies. However, personally speaking, after investing lenses and gear into Olympus, and then having the situation play out the way it has, it is scary to not know the future support or advancement of a camera system you’ve grown to appreciate and get joy out of.

I’ll most likely continue to own my Olympus gear (I.e. I won’t sell it to afford another system right now) but if/when my Olympus camera body dies, and if there is sub-par or no support from JIP, I can’t take photos with lenses alone. I baby my gear, so I’m not too worried about things falling apart, but tech issues are sometimes outside the user’s control. (Personally, I don’t like the Panasonic MFT bodies well enough to purchase those).

aaaannnddd, with that said, we are getting sidetracked from my original query  

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