Three Lens to take to a wedding - Pro and on a Budget - FX only

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Re: Three Lens to take to a wedding - Pro and on a Budget - FX only

I am Bowie wrote:

Zoran K wrote:

3) If I have to go with only one lens i will go with 24-120/4

Zoran - I have the old 24-120 AF-D and it an inconsistent lens that I only use in manual (which then is okay). I put up with it because i love the zoom range and manual is not a bother. I’ll look into this version - seems very inexpensive and I would like an inexpensive replacement for the older lens.


The new version is better (depends on copy). My copy is as good as my Nikon 24-70/2.8 at the middle of the frame. Since that is the most important part for wedding photography (usually we blur or vignette the rest of the frame) this zoom is pretty handy for that kind of photography. For critical editing I use DXO Photolab + Topaz Sharpen and the final image is done in Photoshop. With careful editing the final version is virtually indistinguishable from one done with 24-70/2.8. Therefore I sold the 24-70/2.8 for that reason.

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