90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

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Re: 90d and Tamron 150-600 - sharpness issue or wrong expectations

Didn't see it mentioned but remove any front filter glass and be sure the lens is impeccably clean, front and rear.  A lot of magnification there. Did you buy the camera and lens brand new or used?

Use live view also to see if you can get a proper focus with a solid mount.. If not then don't waste time with a micro adjustment as it is some other problem.

Also use multiple shots of same scene in live view with lens stabilization switched off and without moving camera and see if any are in focus. If some or most are in focus then it is likely not a camera problem. If none in focus then try it in live view with another lens. If that also fails to focus then it is a camera issue. If you can get focus then try micro-adjustment of the Tamron lens for use with viewfinder. If that fails then get lens repaired.

You could also try a few shots with manual focus and see if that works any better.

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