Blue Light Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

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Re: Blue Light Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

Batdude wrote:

I got my new computer screen glasses prescription today and I was asked if I wanted to pay extra for that type of coating. I don’t know anything about this coating and I’m not sure if is a gimmick. Is it not and should I get that on my glasses? Do any of you have it?

What they did told me is that the glasses do have some kind of “purple looking tint” and as soon as they said that I told them I would get back to them on that because if I’m PP photos in Lightroom how is that purple looking tint going to affect my workflow? Am I going to run into issues because I’ll be seeing weird colors on the monitor??

Will appreciate more info from folks that have or are using these type of coating.

Yes, I got them, I thought I wouldn't like them for computer use, but I don't even really notice.

I do notice a slight yellow look when in fluorescent lighting (cool white), like in a brightly lit restroom.

With white on a computer, a little bit.

Supposedly when they are blue reflecting - they are "working".

There is a big difference with windows blue light filter and the lenses. It's not the same visual effect. I still use the blue light blocker at night.

Well to be specific about my lenses and their technology used -read here and see if your company compares:

Everything to Know About Blue Light and Crizal Prevencia | CovalentCareers

And they confirm - not the same a windows blue light.

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