When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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Re: When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

The constant demand for higher and higher technology in cameras and the camera companies attempt to provide it causes R&D cost to skyrocket and the resultant prices for cameras and lenses to go up.  In hindsight the old film cameras had little technology compared to today's cameras, and were popular with a large group of people.

Today's (and tomorrows) stuff relies upon more and more technology.  Our own demands and the camera companies efforts to provide it has pretty much "killed the golden goose."  The answer - automate and play to where the most buyers are, not to a small group of elites - and it ain't for $7500 cameras and lenses.  Sure, provide a few technology wonders, but that isn't going to give enough profits to make a profit.

Somebody come up with a Henry Ford (assembley lines or robots, or ..... etc.) or equivalent for the camera industry.  Make a good product, sensibly priced and collect good profits.  Stop with the "hand work" and with always trying to introduce the latest whiz-bang, high tech thingy - unless you want to go broke.



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