Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f4.5 at 2 miles (3.2 Km)

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Re: Olympus OM Zuiko 300mm f4.5 at 2 miles (3.2 Km)

Bassam Guy wrote:

The Grumpy Snapper wrote:

A pointless test given the distance and atmospheric disturbance over that sort of distance.

That actually answers my question. I've never shot anything at that distance or with such a long lens, so didn't know what to expect. Thanks.

no, that’s just one point of view.

Sure, atmospheric conditions can impact imaging over long distances, but testing on distant subjects is far from pointless, especially if you’re  viewing or capturing astronomical subjects.

The OM300/4.5 is a handy lens. It renders nice images of close birds and can produce pleasing landscapes  if you refrain from peeping too deeply.

Some purple fringing is evident Wide open if your subject has strong back lighting.

Manual Focus can be a bit tricky if the focus mechanism of your lens is a bit stiff (mine is)

Enjoy your lens, and don’t take too much notice of folks who insist that what you do is pointless.


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