GH5 Scratched Sensor?

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Re: GH5 Scratched Sensor?

felixgeen wrote:

I dont have a magnifying glass, but i can certainly see something on there when i look really closely in the right light. impossible to tell if its on the glass thats covering the sensor (low pass filter?!?)

GH5 belonging to the generation of Panny camera having the AA filter removed. There should only be the SSWF (SuperSonic Wave Filter stacked on top of the sensor for dust prevention and removal (upon power on of the camera or activate it through Menu option).

does GH5 have anything protecting the sensor from being directly scratched?

AFAIK the SSWF only... falling/dispose of foreign particles on the sensor should not scratch the sensor. And in reality it shouldn't have a chance to cause direct damage to the sensor (save for a few reports that dust did find a way getting in between the SSWF & sensor, likely out of factory QC issue)... Unless we intentionally touch the sensor, so far can't imagine how the sensor could be scratched.

Its hard to find any diagrams or specific information about the GH5 sensor housing and what its constructed of.

I don't have the Service manual of GH5. But as per that of GX85, the following should be the best I could find on the sensor unit, which is a 5-axis floating sensor similar to the one used by GH5:

Since GH5 should has a Sony 20Mp sensor, you might try to google it for further info.

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