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RacingManiac wrote:

So I've tried DIY cleaning kit and being fairly diligent in lens swapping with my A77II. I've just can't get rid of the dust bunnies. Enough so that I've been trying to shoot around it but its just a pain in the butt. Looking up prices for Precision Camera's service and its $475 regardless what happens plus whatever else they deemed to quote it seems. Seems like a steep price to pay but I don't know what else is out there. Are there places that can do a proper cleaning of sensor/mirror of these camera without being that kind of price, or am I just SOL at this point?


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I had a problem that was hard to clean with a normal cleaning.  And I took so extra steps.

First, I mounted a camera over the camera's sensor so that I could get a magnified view of the sensor on my monitor.  And yes, I could see the spots.  I did a regular cleaning while watching the monitor, and the spots remained.  I used regular sensor cleaning swabs and fluid.

I then changed to distilled water and scrubbed over the spots with more pressure using the same swabs.  And I did this a number of times and eventually the spots went away.

Continued inspecting the sensor as it dried and verified nothing on the sensor.  And with a magnified view, anything on the sensor is very visible.

One thing to keep in mind is that you aren't scrubbing the sensor.  You are actually scrubbing the cover glass over the sensor.

Camera now takes pictures without the spots.

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