When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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Re: When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

Interceptor121 wrote:

and the pursuit of products that drive very low volume as they were chasing a comparison with full frame and other professional segments such as wildlife.

Why not offer tools I can use casually and professionally on the same mount? Seems a win-win.

In my opinion the new lens is a demonstration of this obsession not a new strategy based on niche products.

Sure, but somebody's going to sell me a super-tele zoom for sports and wildlife. Why not Olympus?

Despite all forum members here being more focussed on photography the combined video and photo offering is what keeps MFT afloat and the reason Panasonic is still in the game. Having the perfect device is less important than meeting consumer needs.

Winner! Yes the video ecosystem in MFT is phenomenal. Meeting the customers needs is paramount and MFT does this successfully.

I foresee the complete discontinuation of Pen line and a clean up of all the old Mark II/III that are not current as step one to focus on current models and a slow down of flocking products to the market so errors like the OMD EM1MKIII will not be repeated. Yes is a great camera but it had product launch costs and the improvement is marginal it would have been more cost effective to continue to provide firmware updates and keep production and low costs down.

I doubt in-camera charging, USB-C power delivery, 802.11ac WiFi tethering, "always-on" Bluetooth, dedicated ISO button, 8-way joystick, C4 additional mode, mech shutter with 2x life rating could have been implemented over firmware

Then there's the additional features: HHHR, Starry Sky AF, new face detection, LIveND, 96kHz/24bit audio and 120fps in movie mode, firmware update/setting backup via iOS - not sure if Truepic VIII could handle these.

Ultimately I'm glad the mkIII is very much like the mkII as the mkII was near perfect to use.

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