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Color accuracy. Some of the better laptops have 70% RGB colors.

Not quite. Certainly there are laptops 70% of sRGB and worse, but it's not difficult to find laptops with near-100% of sRGB, and some UHD laptop screens are considerably wider-gamut.

Unless portability is needed, a desktop is indeed usually the better choice. Easier upgrades and repairs, room for an efficient cooling system, wide choice of displays, etc.

Who is on your short list of the better screened laptops for color accuracy that is a windows machine? I'm definately out of touch.

See this:

My apple macbook pro hides the specs online. They only say "P3".

That's DCI-P3; it's a gamut widely used in video. Some recent displays from Apple and Microsoft target it.

I'm surprised, many on that resource has excellent RGB. One has 99% of adobe RGB, another has 100%, and the rest are <90%AdobeRGB. I'm pretty impressed that any had adobeRGB that high, and I've learned there are 2! It's too late for me though. I'm stuck with my Alienware for now, but I'll keep this in mind for when I upgrade. I gave up looking for a decent screen after a couple of days of casually looking. I seldom use a laptop anyway, but I may need to rely on one again soon.

Apple specs say P3, it didn't say 100% P3. It's got a decent screen like most things apple.

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