When the engineers and the accountants put their heads together

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My theory ...

My theory FWIW (probably not much) on this particular $7500 lens (for this special case).  As part of the deal with JIP Oly had to commit to finishing up the design (probably mostly already done) and setting up the environment for the limited production runs you describe.  Also build a very small number for the first production run.

JIP then only has to commit a small amount of resources when additional copies are sold.   Good deal for JIP.  Oly probably had no choice in the matter if they wanted to offload the camera division.  All hypothesis but makes sense to me at least.

What production model does JIP pursue in the long run?

I think that they are most likely to purse large scale production of a more limited portfolio of products.  I see choices shrinking not expanding despite the recent addition of a very limited production item.  That lens is a special case and unlikely to have anything similar following it.  The upfront costs of designing small scale production items is probably not going to interest JIP much going forward.  In the case of this particular lens Oly bore all the upfront costs so JIP got a good deal.

So many unknowns.  I've yet to see anything giving any detailed info of the deal for the sale.  The info may never reach the public domain.  I don't know the disclosure laws in Japan.

BTW, good tutorial on large/small scale manufacturing.

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