How good or bad is Sony 10-18?

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Re: How good or bad is Sony 10-18?

Back when travel was feasible, I used a 6000 and SElL10-18  and took about 70% of my shots with it.

You do have learn how to use it to get shots with interest and if you are taking a photos with  a significant other in it they need to be near the center of the frame to avoid interesting effects but once I got to know this combo, I loved it.  OTOH it get get shots  in situations where almost nothing else can.

One issue with travel with this lens, not covered in most threads, is that it is not sealed and if moisture gets into it, the fogged regions show up on the photos.  I takes a long time with a hair drier to get the water out but if you do it soon after it gets wet there are no lasting effects.

Lot of on-line info in IQ.  I have been very pleased with what my copy does.

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