uniwb file for x-h1?

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Re: uniwb file for x-h1?

Ysarex wrote:

Someone else's Unity WB target isn't going to be entirely accurate for your camera -- for one the computer displays are different.

You can display a Unity WB file on a computer display and set WB from that. Load the Unity WB file in an image editor so you can alter the color. You're going to need to be able to raise/lower the values in the red and blue channels. Leave the green channel alone.

After you set the WB from the target displayed on your monitor take a photo. Open the raw file and read the EXIF data -- see screen shot below from RawDigger. Your goal is to have the both red and blue values = 1 or as close as you can get.

If your values are off make adjustments in the image editor to the red and/or blue channels and repeat the process until you reach the target.

Below is my Unity WB target for my XT-2. Hopefully it will get you ballparked and you'll be able to tweak it from there.

Thank you so much. I've been reading so much of your output, I feel like I know you!

Once I have set the WB on my camera, does it matter what I take a a photo of or do you mean, take a photo of the target (what I assumed)?

Thanks again.

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