uniwb file for x-h1?

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Re: uniwb file for x-h1?

mainoo wrote:

I shoot raw and have always known that I need to overexpose by quite a bit (typically +1.3/+1.7) to get a decent exposure but I'm only guessing. I'm told that I can get a more precise idea of the correct raw exposure by setting my WB to UniWB and looking at the histogram (which will then closely match the raw histogram). A lot of this I am taking on trust but I believe that If I use a tool like rawdigger, I can, at least, see how good the results are.

I have looked at some of the steps for creating a UniWB jpeg and it's more hassle than I am willing to go through. Is it feasible to take a pre-prepared uniWB JPEG file and use it to set the white balance? Looking at the manual, it doesn't look like the x-h1 can read its WB from a JPEG so I'm thinking I would have to make a UniWB target. Any views on the feasibility of this would be appreciated.

Even more appreciated would be an actual uniWB file that I can use - have tried looking online and found some for other cameras but none for Fujifilm (yet).

Thanks in advance.

I use the blinkies with Multi metering and a normal looking EVF and get the exposure pretty much exactly where I want it every time. By all means, try the UniWB method, but you don’t need it to expose your RAW files correctly.

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