Photoshop 5.0 software for the D850

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Bernard Delley Senior Member • Posts: 1,583
Use Adobe DNG converter, free, for D850,D500 ...NEF

The DNG converter converts to a dng containing identical raw values. I always use lossless compressed 14 bit raw. The DNG file contains some additional, irrelevant ?, exif data. The only loss on DNG is a reduced size, built in thumbnail image. The original raw file has a full size basic quality jpg file built in as as thumb. The can be extracted using dcraw -e. The OOC thumb jpg is often good enough to be used, sometimes with minor PS  tweaks. For more extensive editing with CS6, I start from DNG with PS camera raw. For the D850 and D500, I keep the NEF files archived, the dng can be produced when needed.

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