Slomo tyre tubes and balls

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Re: Slomo tyre tubes and balls

Rachael P wrote:

Axle01 wrote:

Rachael P wrote:

edform wrote:

Hey guys, take a look at these little video. They're great.

they are great. What am i seeing? Are they being shot?
And then, how were they made? (not a lot of EXIF on these).

Rachael I over fill the tubes and balls with water and food colouring for the colour then shoot them with a home made pellet gun connected to a compressor and a dump valve.

It’s a real balance trying to get enough pressure in the tubes and balls so they don’t blow up before I’m able to shoot them, I’ve had so many blow up just filling them and then some don’t blow up and just get a small hole as you can see in some of them before they explode because of not enough pressure.

Still a lot of fun and spectacular results when it all comes together.


Thanks. Probably not a career in it, but very impressive anyway
Was this just 120p or even faster. I guess you might have used the S&Q function to go faster, but I can't judge how slowed down they are.

Rachael it was at 960fps with a Sony RX100v

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