Planetary resolution with P900/P950/P1000

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Re: Planetary resolution with P900/P950/P1000

Thats amazing and I think I linked to one of your threads because I found your images to be very detailed.  How long are the videos that you do?  I would think if you do a 10 min video you get 30*60*10=18,000 images over 10 min?  How do you pick which ones to stack?

I also have another question I have been wondering about.  And I suspect it is the same with the P900/P950 (correct me if I'm wrong please)....when using video mode, whether it's 4K30 or 1080P60, is the whole sensor used or just the actual pixels that make up the movie resolution (a crop from the center of the sensor in other words.)  In which case I would think either 4K30 or 1080P60 would be fine since the image scale would be the same since all planets are too small to use up more than 1080 pixels anyway?  If this is the case and the planets take up the same number of pixels regardless of whether you use 4K or 1080P, 1080P might be a little better because of the higher frame rate (60 vs 30).

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