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Re: For whatever it means, Flickr activity by Fuji camera

Firstly the OP is interesting. Thanks for sharing. As we suspected, the XE line seems to be last for Xtrans cameras

Foxjet wrote:


I have been a member since 2014 and have seen amazing growth since then. In fact, I don't know of a bigger site of this type. Not considering such nonsense as Instagram by the way. Since Smug Mug bought Flickr and eliminated the Yahoo log in requirement the experience has improved enormously.

Flickr is a hot bed of activity using Fuji equipment. Go to Flickr and enter Fuji in the search box and then click on groups. There is page after page of Fuji groups listed. I'm a member of 6 of these groups.

If not on are missing out. Don't live in the past, I'm not interested in old gripes as they are no longer relevant.

Check out this You Tube video to see the Flickr advantages:

Flickr FAQs

I also find this reply interesting as I have been a member a long time too, but haven't noticed what you have noticed.

To me it seems like they haven't done much. They are raising the subscription price and have had to beg for money a couple of times like Wikipedia does. Most groups I am in still lack more than a couple of comments in the discussions section. Often the last comment was 2013.

I much prefer Flickr to Instagram but I am disappointed most photographers seem to be on Instagram. When I meet a photographer and we share our stuff, they are always shocked I am on Flickr and not Instagram. I need to seek out more interactive groups, most comments I get are copy and paste ones. I am more interactive on a Facebook group (which is also on Flickr but that gets maybe 2 photos per week Vs 100 on Facebook), despite Facebook destroying image quality. Socially its just better and Flickr shoukd have re-thought that side imo as community is tiny there.

I feel like Flickr has completely missed the mark as a superior alternative to Instagram due to lack of marketing, change and innovation. I am not confident they will be able to make it profitable so stopped adding photos to my Pro account, as its not worth the money or risk of wasting time.

I just have a gut feeling it won't work out unless they do something big like partner up with another platform or two, which they haven't done, so it ain't happening. There just seems to be a total lack of monetizing the site well e.g. they have groups for every single lens and camera but they don't send traffic to Amazon. Its like a visual version of these forums, which send people to Amazon.

They should be integrated with this site providing a gallery feature for people's photos which they dont specifically put in their gallery. Instead people occasionally link to full quality images from YouTube videos and other platforms so people can see full quality files.

They should have those vloggers on Flickr in the first place. It should be the first stop for photographers online. They need to embed comments on other sites e.g. Twitter, so they can tap into more traffic e.g. login with Twitter profile. There seems to be so much they could have tried but haven't tried.

I really hope I am completely wrong and you are right. I will start by checking out the critique group mentioned in the video, but I fear communities like that are tiny compared to the likes of Instagram.

EDIT: just tried a critique group but photo embed codes cant be found on mobile, it's desktop only. Most internet traffic is mobile these days. On a 12.9 inch iPad Pro (and smaller devices) they should have enabled embedding so people can join critique communities (its active but not many people in it).  Also, images cannot be uploaded in full quality from Lightroom Mobile on Android unless first saved to the device. May be an Adobe problem but it's ruining the main USP for me, I don't want to clog my Android devices up then delete the photos after uploading and spend twice the time to upload the photos, so may as well just upload to the more active Facebook or Instagram. Still seems like such a huge missed opportunity to me.

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