A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

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Re: A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

I’m going to toss in my rather jaded view that a forum dedicated to the X100 (or even to premium compact cameras as a whole) is just another place for people to swing by and tell the fans and users of those cameras why they’re doing it wrong.

This is just off the top of my head from this mornings readings (here and elsewhere)

Leica Q2 Monochrom — Why would anybody want one when they could use [camera] and [software] to make better monochrome images. Leicas are just status symbols anyway.

iPhone 12 Max — my [phone, or camera, often full frame] takes better images. I’ll bet you won’t find professionals shooting the olympics using their phones. (Yes, that last one is real.)

Apple ProRAW — It’s not real raw. And… and… Android did it first. Plus my [real camera] does it better.

Apple M1 Chip — I bet it won’t run [obscure specialized software] plus this [workstation chip] is faster. Why did Apple bother. (Seriously, I wonder if the engineers there sometimes ask themselves this very question.)

To be clear I don’t object to, and even enjoy, honest debate. It’s the whataboutism and I have to impose my thoughts on everythingism that gets to me.

The Internet. Raining on parades since—USENET. I’ve started to become what I detest: An old (56) man shouting at The Cloud.

/rant off.

Back to x100 cameras. Which I’m happy to discuss, even debate, here there or anywhere.

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