I know this forum is predominantly about buying stuff, but ...

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I know this forum is predominantly about buying stuff, but ...

... maybe now and again it might be worthwhile to also look into what people actually do with their acquisitions.

Just picked up a link on another forum (MF) regarding "digital" exposure:


Going though those examples I thought I might have a closer look at this when I can be bothered enough(I typically shoot too dark... low standards I have you know ) ... but this article got me thinking as to what I could have done with (just an example!!!) this one:

As shot

A "doctored" version, but possibly going to be binned!

The issue I guess is the hard light coming from the sun, clipping is going to be near inevitable with very little information left in those bright parts. But: does it matter?

OK not a good shot, but: if I had read that article before, I would have loved to have a play with some of those theories.

Now since mobile phones do a lot of the math for you, here is an SOOP (straight out of phone) shot taken with a SAMSUNG S20:

To be honest, on WhatsApp I actually liked the Disney-Country-Fair phone image MUCH better, embarrassing to see how I stuffed up the Fuji shot! But that's maybe for another day ...

But, coming back to my original topic: what possibilities would I have opened for myself by ignoring the highlights and do a little ETTR, carefully monitored?

A niche topic I know ...


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