Laptops vs pc’s

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Re: Laptops vs pc’s

Which is better an adjustable spanner , or a ring spanner ?

If you only have one, the adjustable wins !

For all other uses rings are better as they sit and won't round the edges.

I feel the laptop v desktop issue is the same, as bmoag pointed out we work in a GUI and all interaction is visible. Best to do this on the best screen you can . First and most fundamental issue with a laptop is the screen moves back and forth, causing the image to vary. Many panels are not as good at colour calibration , not sure if there is one with a 16 bit LUT.

Adde to this all the extras that desktops allow , like Wacom tablet ( retouching with a mouse or trackpad is like knitting wearing boxing gloves.  I started with laptops, and carried pads and all the extras to try and retouch onsite for fast editorial ... but it is a pain in the  - - - - ! Now if I need onsite proofing I use a pad , and tether . Do all the previews  and reviews this way. Indoors we have two laptops and they hardly ever get used these days . Pads are more convenient for fast, and Desktops are for more involved or lengthy process.

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Gear ... what I need to get the job done , after all you don't see mechanics listing their brand of spanner as a qualification .

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