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Re: More pixels = good even with bad lenses

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

Quite simply without going into the mind-numbing discussion of it all, higher resolution sensors reveal optical imperfections to a much greater degree.

To a "much greater degree" - 45 over 24 MP - is probably an exaggeration.

Although specific testing is needed for any lens/body combination a reasonable expectation is about 40% more sensor resolution going from 24 to 45 MP - but only when measured in isolation without a lens attached.

When a good lens is attached a reasonable starting point expectation for the lens/body is around 20 % more image resolution.

20% more image resolution can definitely be useful - though I would not call it "a much greater degree".

So yes, higher resolution cameras do require better lenses to take advantage of that resolution.

"Require" seems going a bit far - part because using a higher resolving body produces more image resolution with every lens

While a combination of highest MP bodies and the best lens can produce the highest image resolution; taking this too literally rules out shooting sports with a D6 or using any lens other than the Z 58mm f0.95 S Noct.

Without looking at any specific lens/camera combo and what exact numbers it'd produce (like a highly resolving 85mm lens on a 24mp Z6 vs 45mgp Z7) I'd still call 20% a much greater degree. Obviously the needs of any one photographer have to be weighed, 20% more resolution/resolving power could mean A LOT for me (as an astrophotographer trying to resolve specific details within, say, a nebula or galaxy) vs maybe not a lot for someone doing portrait photography.

I guess the "require" part is more so important for any specific type of photography being done, as I should have included that disclaimer. If you WANT to take advantage of the smaller pixels and higher resolution 45mp camera to the highest degree possible then you will require better lens optics. There's obviously a huge list of factors that anyone needs to consider when buying a camera and lens for their specific needs, this is just one of them.

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