Flash head cable plugs - which ones for each brand

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Re: Flash head cable plugs - which ones for each brand

technics wrote:

Hi guys

I have a question when it comes to which types of plugs each brand uses for their flash packs and heads. I'd like to make cables and adaptors to work for each brand.

Balcar = AMP CPC Series 1
Profoto = ? 12- pin but which ones?
Broncolor = ?

Thanks for any infos.


Are you referring to the plugs on the high-voltage cables between the flash heads and the power supplies?

If that is the case, the cables and their connectors and not easy to safe to replicate unless you have very good soldering and insulation application skills.

Someof the cord-mounted plugs and sockets (male and female connectors) are made in the same factories as the heads and packs while other are manufactured by companies such as Amphenol, Cannon (not the camera folks), Cinch-Jones and many other makers in Asia and Europe besides the aforementioned American companies.

Each plug for your various flash systems has specific pin configurations, polarity specifications and some are made to Mil-Spec, that is military specifications for durability, moisture sealing and positive locking mechanisms. The plastic, polymer or other synthetic material used to secure the contacts need to have an especially high dielectric strength. There are audio connectors that look similar to high-voltage models but they won't do the job.

The conductors in the cables need to be of the proper gauge and need to be soldered in place very carefully and insulated with shrink tubing, or corona dope to avoid arcing and short circuits. The connector should have adequate strain relief. Some of the horizontally oriented cable connectors with multiple contacts require special precision soldering and crimping equipment.

Unless you have the required skills and equipment, it is best to order cables from the original manufacturer or have them custom made by an electronic technician or electronic flash repair shop. A poorly crafted cable or connector can cause serious damage to the equipment and/or a dangerous shock hazard.

Head from power packs of different makes are usually not interchangeable via a simple adapter- many have entirely different internal circuitry and need major modification to become interchangeable.

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