Springtails and ?? (something much smaller)

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Springtails and ?? (something much smaller)

These were captured hand-held in our garden yesterday using a Venus Optics KX800 twin flash on a Sony A7ii with two 2X teleconverters and a Laowa 100mm 2X macro lens. I shot raw and processed with DXO PhotoLab, Adobe Lightroom and Topaz DeNnoise AI.

There I was, photographing some springtails .....

#1 (Unlike what the Exif data says, the shutter speed was 1/200 sec for this one.)



.... when something else turned up.


#5 This may give a better indication of its size relative to the springtail, which was I think around 2mm long.

#6 8X magnification was not enough to get a decent look at it. This is the best I could do (with a bit of cropping).

#7 It was not alone. There were some smaller ones.

#8 Here are some more of them, this time compared to a barkfly.

#9 A closer look at the barkfly

#10 Was this a barkfly exuvia perhaps?

Flat view
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