How you carry your camera?

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Re: How you carry your camera?

If it is a non-photography trip, such as going to town for supplies (the closest is 30 miles via a mountain road), then I don't carry a camera.   Too much else to do.    For the purposes of this question, that should be the complete response.

But, in the interests of mission creep, I'll go on.    Whatever photographic gear I am carrying, I do so with a strap across the right shoulder then across the body down to the left hip to whatever conveyance will house the gear.     For full frame and APS-C I use various configuration camera bags (the APS-C  gear is subdivided into two bags, only one of which will go at any given time).     I don't like to carry anything in my pockets beyond cash and keys, so the small cameras, such as 'tough' cameras, are carried in Pelican micro cases.    Again, the Pelican micro case (or, in one instance an Underwater Kinetics UltraBox) is at the end of a cross body strap.

Each bag or case is ready to go as it sets.   Just attach to the strap if not already attached. Once the bag or case is attached to the strap, the camera body itself is tethered to the strap to prevent dropping.

Since this is my consistent method of carrying, and I've refined the details over many years, I can have the camera ready for photography very efficiently.

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