A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

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Re: A Modest Proposal About X100-Series Cameras

There was a big push recently for DPR to start a forum for fixed prime lens camera that would have, naturally, included the X100 series along with other cameras like the Sony RX1 series, Leica Q, Ricoh GR series, and others that would even include older cameras like the Nikon Coolpix A.

I think the original thread was posted in the Sony forum and there was also a thread posted in the Site Feedback and Help forum.

Long story short is that after more than 140 comments every one supported the idea with the exception of one or two Mods.

DPR never responded and for the most part, the idea/suggestion was ignored.
Two things were obvious from these threads.

First, some mods didn't like the possibility that their precious forums might lose traffic because these cameras were being talked about in another forum.

Second, it proved, without a doubt, that DPR doesn't care one bit about what their forum members want.

Such is life.

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