Blue Light Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

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Re: Blue Light Anti Reflective Coating Glasses

Sean Nelson wrote:

Anti-reflective coating is not the same as "blue blocker"

You are 100% correct.  Before getting la six surgery many years ago I would always get anti reflective glasses, but I have never had that blue light blocker.

- it's a thin coating meant to prevent light from reflecting off the lenses. You see this in camera lenses, and in that application it's very important because those lenses have many elements which can reflect light and cause flare and lower contrast in the picture. The coating is a lot less important in eyeglasses because there's only one element. The only difference I can imagine is that it might reduce a bit of reflections from the rear that you pick up in the extreme outer corners of the lens.

My glasses are coated, but I can't really tell if the coating makes much of a difference.

The coating will appear to have a bit of a blue or purplish tint if you take the glasses off and look at the front surface obliquely to see the light reflected off it, but it doesn't affect the light passing through to your eye and you don't need to worry about colour shifts.

Yes I did see that purplish coating on the doctor’s glasses, he had it, but he didn’t know anything about editing photos with it.

Im going to ask them if they give me a few days to try the blue light blocker and if don’t like them they can change them to no blue light blocker if not I’ll just get them with it because I don’t want to run into an unpleasant surprise and not get a refund.

From the little bit I have read about this some people do see some funky color shifts but then again who knows where they went to get their glasses.

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