Photographing with Higher MP bodies

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Re: More pixels = good even with bad lenses

EricTheAstroJunkie wrote:

Quite simply without going into the mind-numbing discussion of it all, higher resolution sensors reveal optical imperfections to a much greater degree.

To a "much greater degree" - 45 over 24 MP - is probably an exaggeration.

Although specific testing is needed for any lens/body combination a reasonable expectation is about 40% more sensor resolution going from 24 to 45 MP - but only when measured in isolation without a lens attached.

When a good lens is attached a reasonable starting point expectation for the lens/body is around 20 % more image resolution.

20% more image resolution can definitely be useful - though I would not call it "a much greater degree".

So yes, higher resolution cameras do require better lenses to take advantage of that resolution.

"Require" seems going a bit far - part because using a higher resolving body produces more image resolution with every lens

While a combination of highest MP bodies and the best lens can produce the highest image resolution; taking this too literally rules out shooting sports with a D6 or using any lens other than the Z 58mm f0.95 S Noct.

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In lots of ways good photography is much more about how equipment is used rather than anything else.

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