Preventing video auto-play in web browsers

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Re: Preventing video auto-play in web browsers

Sean Nelson wrote:

I'm getting really annoyed at having to hit the "pause" button on the videos that show up on many of the sites that I visit. Videos chew up a lot of bandwidth needlessly and I'd especially like to prevent this from happening on my phone where it eats into my data cap.

I use Firefox on Windows and Chrome on my Android phone - is there a way to disable auto-play of videos in these browsers? If not, are there any other browsers that would let me do this?

Yeah, good luck.

I tried all the Firefox about:config settings that are supposed to prevent video autoplay. Never worked. Chrome seems to autoplay because they might be ads for Google to monetize.

Brave works well on my Android phone to prevent all sorts of nonsense, but Brave is buggy on Mac OS so I still use primarily Firefox with uBlock Origin on my desktops.

Searching Firefox add-ons, I see (new?) Disable Autoplay, but reviews are not glowing.

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