Photographing with Higher MP bodies

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Re: Photographing with Higher MP bodies

ShutterDude wrote:

While I wait for the Z7ii release, it'll give me some time to debate whether I should invest in that body vs the Z6ii - the main driver is the ability to crop if I need to given the higher MP count, and wanting to print larger prints as well.

Other than that, it was mentioned that using a higher megapixel body will be more sensitive to motion resulting in softer images, and as well the requirement for top notch optics. In other words, it's less forgiving that using a lower MP camera.

Can anyone chime more on this?


A couple others put it very well, such that there's not really anything new I can add.  I'm responding perhaps simply to add my "vote".

You will never get worse results with a higher MP body than you would have gotten with a lower MP body.  The only thing that will happen is that you may not be taking full advantage of the higher MP count if your technique isn't good and you don't have good lenses.  But I might go so far as to say your results, as judged by detail, will always be better on the higher MP body.  Just not the full potential.

It's important to always discuss this topic as comparing photos at the same output size, whether that's an 8x10 print, a large 24" x 36" print, or web viewing.  Even things like higher ISO noise are often not worse on a high MP camera when viewed at the same output size.

Me personally?  I will always take the higher MP camera.  I don't care about hard disk space, processing time, frame rates, etc.  I want the most MP to work with.

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