Sony - Which entry budget full-frame?

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Re: Sony - Which entry budget full-frame?

Jeepsta wrote:

Hi, after years of enjoying APS-C (Fuji) and developing an obsession with sky/nightscape photography, I came to the conclusion that a full frame would better answer my needs. I understand that with a full frame, quality glass matters more at the end than the body itself. I’ve been setting my eyes on the sony fe 28mm f1.8, now I just need the body to go with it. Looking and reading at countless comparisons and reviews, I started having doubts on my initial selection (Sony A7riii) and look more into a cheaper option with seemingly better low light capacity, the A7Sii.

A7Sii is more video oriented camera - for low light the SNR performance is very similar to A7Riii

I also understand that the A7iii would be a strong competitor...

Again similar low light performance, but at lower price point.

I’m looking for advices and recommendations from fellow nightscape artists. I don’t intend to get rid of my Fuji, I’ll keep it for my other photo hobbies, but full frame at nighttime is what I want to dig into. Thanks! JP

Maybe save money on the camera and invest into glass instead?

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